Pro Series Bat

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Additional Information

Bat Model

Pro GLB 243, Pro GLB R2, Pro GLB 112, Pro GLB S2, Pro GLB 111, Pro GLB 52, Pro GLB 18, Pro GLB 141, Pro GLB 272, Pro GLB 431, Pro GLB R243, Pro GLB 7, Pro GLB R213, Pro GLB 85, Pro GLB 271, Pro GLB 13, Pro GLB 274, Pro GLB 110, Pro GLB Z1

Wood Type

Pro Ash, Pro Maple (+$20)

Bat Length

32, 32.5, 33, 33.5, 34

Barrel Finish

Black, Clear Finish, Flame Hardened

Handle Finish (Note: Maple handle cannot be flamed)

Black, Clear Finish, Flame Hardened

Label and Engraving Color

Black, White

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